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Dental Lab

Mastering the Art of Dental Restorations
Unveiling Radiant Smiles from our Lab

The Dental Lab at DMAX Day Surgery Center is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to providing high-quality dental restorations and prosthetics. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled dental technicians, the Dental Lab plays a vital role in delivering exceptional dental care to patients.

At the Dental Lab, precision and craftsmanship are paramount. The experienced dental technicians utilize advanced digital technologies and traditional techniques to create custom dental restorations with meticulous attention to detail. From crowns and bridges to dental implants and dentures, the Dental Lab ensures that each restoration is tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of every patient.

  •   Blood tests
  •   Urine analysis
  •   Microbiology cultures
  •   Genetic testing and more
Dmax Dental Lab


The dental lab at DMAX day surgery center offers a wide range of services, including:

  •   Creating custom crowns, bridges, and dentures
  •   Repairing damaged dental restorations
  •   Making temporary dental restorations
  •   Providing denture relines and adjustments
  •   Creating custom night guards
  •   Providing dental implants

Collaboration between the dental team and the Dental Lab is a key aspect of the process. The lab technicians work closely with dentists and prosthodontists, utilizing their expertise and knowledge to achieve optimal results for each patient. This collaborative approach ensures that the final restorations seamlessly integrate with the patient's existing dental structures, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

The dental lab at DMAX day surgery center is a valuable resource for patients who need custom dental restorations. The lab's team of experienced technicians is committed to providing patients with high-quality, comfortable, and affordable dental care.

Dmax Dental Lab


  It allows dentists to provide patients with custom dental restorations in a single visit.

  It provides dentists with access to the latest technologies and techniques in dental restoration.

  It helps dentists to provide patients with high-quality, comfortable, and affordable dental care.

  It gives dentists the opportunity to collaborate with other dentists and technicians in the field of dental restoration.

The Dental Lab at DMAX Day Surgery Center upholds strict infection control protocols to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment. The lab follows international guidelines and regulations, adhering to best practices for sterilization and sanitation, to guarantee patient safety and maintain a high standard of care.

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